West Palm Beach and Naples - Nov 2003

These are some photos from the trip to West Palm Beach to see my brother Tom and his family and then Naples to see my Mom and sister Gail and her family. While in West Palm, we toured the Jupiter lighthouse protecting Jupiter inlet. This is an amazing lighthouse and so tall! It is officially on Coast Guard soil so it is now a protected site requiring an escort and such. The views are great and the sun shining back through the lens projected a great rainbow. We also visited the Lion Country Safari drive through game preserve. This has to be one of the best and most unusual "zoos" in the country where the animals roam free and the humans are in a cage (your car). You can't roll you window down, but you will get very close to the animals and they seem slightly happier than at a normal zoo. They have great birds and a really fun Lorikeet display where you can feed the colorful birds. This was the time when kite surfing was getting started on the East Coast and there were lots of people trying it out on the beach. I'd like to rig one of those up to my Sunfish sometime! After our tome in West Palm, we drove over to Naples for Thanksgiving. We walked on the beach and those photos are of Seagate Beach where I grew up and Clam Pass. Back in the day, there was no development there and it would be very unusual to see anyone at the pass or even to see anyone on the walk up there. Now it is difficult to get parking. I guess we couldn't keep it a secret forever. There are also a few photos of my sister Gail's house and my Mom's house in Golden Gate.

Those trips are always a bit dreamy for me. I miss Naples and when we are snowed in here in Denver, I miss it a lot. South Florida can be truly beautiful but you didn't hear it from me ;)

Below are the photos. Enjoy!