On our last day, Tom and Connie graciously put us up in their home. When we arrived, Connie picked us up from the train station and asked if we would like to do a little sightseeing. Her suggestions were Heidelburg, Maikammer (where Heidi's family is from), or Strasbourg. Since we had never been to Strasbourg, we decided on that. Strasbourg is home to a huge and incredibly ornate cathedral. Check out more on that HERE. This is a city that very close to the French-German border and has gone back and forth between German and French rule through the ages. It is currently a French city, but was German as recently as WWII. As a result, the architecture is an interesting mix of the Bavarian dark crisscross wood / white plaster and French provincial. The city is very close to the Rhine river and many years ago diverted a portion of the river into canals in the city to be used to power industry - most notable leather tanning. It was bustling with people and a popular tourist destination.