Photography - The best of the best!

My brother Tom Brodigan is a professional photographer in Palm Beach Florida ( Check out his site HERE) so he is the master but I love photography as a hobby. I take the camera on walks and trips and enjoy documenting an event or trying to capture the essence of a moment. When I started years ago the camera I used was an Olympus 3030Z 3Mpix "point and shoot". For me it was a great camera with very accurate color and a fantastic macro lens. So, when it cam time to upgrade, I bought an EVOLT E-330 7.5Mpix digital SLR also by Olympus. I sprung for their upgraded 14-54mm 2.8f lens and their 50-200mm f1:2.8-3.5 telephoto. I have been very happy with this setup and I think it delivers some amazing shots. It was also the first to come out with "live view" similar to the point and shoots which helps quite a bit to get just the right shot in certain conditions. Coupled with that great Olympus Zuiko glass, the photos are clear and sharp with great detail and color.

While most of these photos I took, there are a few that were taken by Heidi and a couple by Heidi's dad. There are even a couple taken Tom the Master!

What you'll see in the collections below are about half from the 3030Z and half from the E330. I have grouped them into several categories just to break things up a bit. A word about these collections... They are put together into a flash app to give the maximum pizzazz, but they are large and will take time to download. I have included the file download size in the name so you can get an idea on the download time biased on your connection speed. The unfortunate thing about this Flash viewer is that it must download all photos before it can start. Thus the wait, but it will be worth it! Click on the large thumbnail or the link to start the Flash viewer.

    Airplanes - 1.5Mb                         Animals - 12.7Mb                           Buildings - Architecture

     Flowers and Plants                               Landscapes                             Composites and Misc - 5.5Mb

            People - 7.6Mb                Sunrises and Sunsets - 6.2Mb