After the Frish-A-Thon, we were off to paris for two nights and three days. Ahhh Paris... It is everything they say it is and lots more! We saw all the usual, first time sites of course. I would have to say that the Orsay was my favorite. I am a big fan of the French Impressionist and to see the originals was very memorable. We did quite a bit of walking, but Deiter got us into a great hotel very close to the Dom Magdalenae, close to Palace De La Concorde. What can I say? It was Paris! Yummy food and lots of sights. A friend of mine from High School, Jerry Edwards now live in Paris with his wife Marie. We were able to hook up with them and spend some time catching up.


I sure hope we get a chance to go back sometime and spend more than a couple days. A couple years would be fun!


The photos are roughly in chronological order. Enjoy!