Heidi's Birthday in the Mountains

For this year, Heidi's friends Rick and Gay invited us up to their townhouse in Silverthorne for a weekend of mountain fun. We drove up first thing on Saturday morning and, after a quick unpacking, we drove down the hill to Frisco and unloaded the bikes. We road all the way to Breckenridge, stopped for a smoothie and then peddled back. …That was the best part as it was down hill and the recumbents ruled! Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera for that little trip, but the weather was perfect and a great time was had by all. For the weekend, we were also lucky to meet Gay's twin sister Kay and her son Dillon. It was great fun getting to know each other and hanging out on the deck after a busy day. Saturday night, after a yummy dinner, care of Gay and Kay (they were really something to watch in the kitchen!), and a bit of birthday cake, we broke out the telescope and were blessed with clear skies. We were able to check out Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and the Moon. Between the six of us we couldn’t find the north star, but no matter as the planets were quite the show. Sunday morning, we set out to a small soccer field to fly the model airplanes. Sunday is my usual flying day and everyone were great sports to indulge me. Heidi took some great photos and that is where the photo log starts. I managed to get in a few good flights before the wind really picked up and we were done flying. From there, we headed back to Breckenridge to walk the town and check out the art festival on the green. Once again, the weather was fabulous and the sights were magnificent. I tried to capture a bit of the feeling there - people were relaxing along the creek and listening to music. The art show was fun we took in a bit of lunch with a great view of the ski slopes. We walked to the far side of town and sampled the local venders selling everything from French pastries to home made root beer to Heidi's favorite: Dipin' Dots! We then headed back to the Townhouse via Dillon reservoir for yet more photos and to get packed up and set to go, but not before some yummy steaks on the grill.


A special thanks to Rick, Gay, Kay and Dillon for their hospitality and making it such a great weekend for Heidi's Birthday. Thanks!!!



Here are some photos: