Frisch-A-Thon II

The main focus for the European trips is to spend time with Heidi's family over in Germany and Bruxelles. This year was no different and was our second Frisch-A-Thon! Once again, it was held at Waltraud and Oskar's house in Immenhausen and I believe everyone made it except for Boris and his family. Of course there were more walks to the house through the fields and coffee and cake in the afternoons. On Friday, the kids (and Franny) got to go to a working farm and see the animals while I took several pictures. Then, shopping and more walks to the park. The weather was a little rainy at times, but was mostly very nice. It was great to see everyone again and this time, everything was a bit more comfortable as all the introductions were last year. This was Shelby's first year. After careful convincing on Heidi's part, Shelby decided to make the trip and I don't think he has missed one since!


The photos are roughly in chronological order. Enjoy!