Frankfurt is where we caught our flight home. Heidi's Uncle Heinz still live in their family home in Frankfurt so he put us up for a night and showed us around a bit. His Daughter, Kathi took us to a local park for a peaceful stroll. Everything is so green and there are lots of flowers. There was even a band performing doing a fair "Blues Brothers" shtick! Later we went to Matthias' apartment to visit with him and his wife Jasmine. After some yummy cake, we Matthias drove us back in his company BMW to Frankfurt for a little sightseeing. That German BMW is quite a spirited performer... Anyway, we toured the historical area and took lots of photos. That night we slept at Heinz's house. This house was rebuilt from the their family house that was bombed during WWII. A shell landed in the back yard obliterating the house and others close by. Luckily, the Frishes had moved back to Maikammer a week earlier at the urging of their father's when he was home for a quick leave. For us Americanas, it is hard to relate to such devastation at home... The house really is lovely and the back yard in now filled with beautiful trees and flowers.


The photos are roughly in chronological order. Enjoy!