Colorado Photos - 2006

In the early summer of 2006, we Thought it might be fun to stay the night in the "Hotel Colorado" and drive around a bit and then visit the Blue Bells just outside Aspen. It was still a little cool at that altitude and anywhere from early to late spring. The hotel was a little disappointing when judged next to the "Del" in San Diego (one of our absolute favorite hotels!). We had hoped it was going to be a turn of the century vintage experience but, in stead, while beautiful on the outside, the interior had more in common with a Motel 6 than the Del. Oh well, the drive was certainly beautiful and we did get a few good shots.


I hope you enjoy the photos. Once again we were testing out a brand new camera and again, it just wasn't up to the challenge so the photographs are not some of the best we have taken, but I believe you can still get the flavor of the road trip. Enjoy!


Here are some photos: