Bruxelles and Brugge

From Paris, we took the ICE (Inter-City Express) high speed Train from Paris to Bruxelles (45 minutes!) where Deiter met us were he and Jose was to be our host and tour guides for a few days in Bruxelles. Manuella and Peter also live in Bruxelles so we got to visit them at their lovely homes and catch since the Frish-a-Thon. Bruxelles has a very nice "Platz" area at the center and there ia a large city building that they light to music after dusk. Really a site to see!


Less than an hour by train towards the shore is a town called Brugge which has a series of canals leading to the ocean used for years and years as trade routs. They wind through the amazingly picturesque town making you feel more like you are in Venice than Belgium. This area has to some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen, unbelievable.


When back in Bruxelles, just across from Deiter and Jose's townhouse is a very nice aircraft museum. Naturally I insisted and I was lucky to see and get photographs of an old Caravelle. This is one of the airplanes that my Dad flew for United Airlines back in the '60s. There were lots of other neat stuff so, naturally I took a ton of photos.


When we left Bruxelles, we took the train to Frankfurt along the Rein and got to see some quaint little towns along the river and several castles. Traveling by train is the BEST way to go!


The photos are roughly in chronological order. Enjoy!