Boston Photos - 2005

In the early fall of 2005, we took a trip to see Boston and visit some family. It ended up being a whirlwind tour of Connecticut, Massachusetts and even a couple days on Vermont. In Boston, we stayed with Heidi's uncle Kim and Aunt Kathy at their beautiful historic farm on "3P" and boasts a large house and a huge barn. Inside that barn are many wonders, but I would have to say the vintage late 50s Porsche 356 Cabriolet was my favorite! There was also an original model "T" truck. Kim and Kathy were very gracious hosts and Kim even took a day and drove us out to the glider field and then took Heidi and myself up for a couple rides! While poking around a bit at the field, I found a few more treasures. After glider flying, we drove out to my cousin Amy's place to meet her family - her partner and their two kids. Then it was off to see my uncle George in Hartford. He put us up for four days as we drove around Connecticut and he told family stores over quiet evening meals. He was wonderful to give us so much of his attention. From Hartford, it was back to Boston to spend another evening with my cousin Bruce and his partner Tom. Five lobsters and four people. Yum!! Just so nice to re-connect! Once back at "3P", Kim took us along on a trip to Vermont to see their quaint "cabin" that was just about complete. We took a ride into town and took in the incredible Vermont fall scenery over a yummy lunch a small sandwich shop. On our last day, there was a little time for some more sightseeing around the MIT campus where Kim and Kathy are on the factuality. That is one interesting campus. On the flight home, we were lucky to get a great view of New York city as we connected in Newark.


I hope you enjoy the photos. This was one of a few trips where we were testing out a brand new camera. In this case, it just wasn't up to the challenge so the photographs are not some of the best we have taken, but I believe you can still get the flavor of the trip. Enjoy!


Here are some photos: